5 Hiring Must Haves for Small Businesses

As a HR Consultant, the majority of my work is often focused on recruitment. I have found small business owners lack the time, skills and abilities needed for recruitment. With limited staff, owners often rely upon office administrators or other department managers to help.

In order to have an effective recruitment plan in place, here are 5 must haves. One, be clear on the job you want to hire for and create a job description or up-date the existing description for accuracy. Second, understand the budget needed to attract job seekers. The costs associated with using social media platforms will add up quickly so, be prepared to pay or find other creative methods. Second, create a job ad that captures the essence of the job. The ad should answer the question why candidates should work for this company. Include information about the company culture and what sets the company apart from its competitors. Keep in mind that competitors are recruiting for similar jobs. Also, avoid the temptation to post the entire job description in place of creating a job ad. Most job seekers will avoid reading lengthy and unattractive ads. Fourth, determine the job ad placement. What medium will be used to attract job seekers, such as--social media; internet job boards; attendance at hiring events; and/or posting through professional business organizations? Finally, understand how much time is needed to run a successful recruitment campaign. It is essential to dedicate time to capture the attention applicants; sort through resumes; respond timely to applicants; schedule and coordinate interviews; complete necessary background checks, physicals and/or drug tests; and schedule and coordinate new-hire orientations. These are some of the recruitment must haves without mentioning the critical communication soft skills.

From my experience working as HR Consultant, I suggest small business owners seek the help of HR professionals, who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the area of recruitment. Contracting with a skilled HR Consultant will help develop the plan, keep the plan organized, and focus the attention needed to making great new hires.

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